Refuge by Enoch Lee

The loud noise of a bomb woke me up and I heard my mother shouting my name out loud.
“Pack all your things that you need. We leave our house and get to our cousin’s house soon,” said my mother.
I didn’t say anything back because I was recently hearing the news about the attack from the north that I knew what was happening. I just shoved all of my clothes and other stuff that I need into my huge bag and quickly got out of my room to help other members of my family to pack the stuff that we need like some food and blankets.
When we all got out of the house, I could feel that the attack wasn’t far away from here. I could see the jets flying over my head, and the noisy sound of the bomb. So, we had to quickly move down to my cousin’s house which was in the southern part of the country. Moving out of my house and going to my cousin’s house to live wasn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it was fine I hated that I had to leave my house and our restaurant. Our restaurant had always been crowded with both people and the cooking ingredients and equipments, but now the restaurant is empty like a blank sheet of paper because we hid all the stuffs from restaurant under the ground and no one is in the restaurant anymore.
We finally started the journey. We were following the train trails that can lead us to our cousin’s house. On the street, soldiers were running around rapidly, and a lot of people were following down the train trail with big bags. I didn’t really know what was going on. I just tried my best not to lose my family and not to lose stuff that are very important to our family that I was carrying like matches and all the food even though all those people, soldiers, loud noises of bombs, jets above me, and the endless train track distracted me. I was scared and worried like a little mouse in front of the huge lion. I really missed my house and the restaurant. I hated this war.

Photo by Maj. R. V. Spencer/U.S. Department of Defense

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