Tumble Buggy reflection????

This unit(lesson) was about motion. Before we learn about motion I know the motion is just a movement of something or someone. But after we learn about motion deeply, I knew that motion is more complicated thing, not a simple thing. So after this project I could think about what is the motion is. Motion is a movement of something of someone but there are frame of reference which is important to drawing the motion graph. Frame of reference is being the benchmark of the motion graph so we can measure the distance from the frame of reference. Motion also contains the speed. How fast is it? Or Is it goes constantly? But I still learn more about it.

I liked the activity that we draw the motion graph by the motion sensor. I think it is meaningful to me because it was fun and it was very interesting experiement. Also I could learn the graph became steep when our speed get faster. During this motion class I learned about velocity. Velocity is a how many distance it can go in the time by having the same direction. I thought about motion outside in real world, at the game X-Box. It works when it detects the motion of the player. The are many motion in the real world. I question about how can I make rolling ball’s speed constant. Make no friction?

When we were learning about frame of reference, we saw 2 pictures and talk about their movement. When we were learning that, I didn’t understand it very perfectly. So it was bit challenging. I understood the all of the motion we learned. I need to be careful when I am calculating the speed or writing the units or transforming it. I should double check these thing because I can make the mistake easily. I also made a mistake on my report. So I noticed strongly.

I want to change my mistake on my Tumble Buggy project. I made a big mistake on my report. I calculated my average speed wrong. I should divide the distance by time but I accidentally divided the time by distance. And I also want to add more variety graphs not a only one graph. I should write more analysis and information. And also in experiement we can record the time at the other directions. If I add these things in my project and report , then it will be better.

I think next in this study of motion, we can learn about more complicated and specific motions. And using various units and speed. We can probably learn about velocity more. We can also learn about the frictions. I could guess like these because we just slightly learned about these in class. If we learn more we can be expert at motions. I wish I can learn more about these.

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